Divisional Structure 2017/18

  DIVISION 1        DIVISION 2   
1 Crusaders A  Wednesday    1 Carshalton LTC A  Monday 
2 Eldon A  Thursday    2 Eldon B  Thursday 
3 Rosehill A  Wednesday    3 Ballards B  Monday 
4 No Team      4 Rosehill B  Tuesday 
5 Graham Spicer  Monday    5 Crusaders C  Wednesday
6 Crusaders B  Monday    6 No Team   
7 Ballards A  Monday    7 Rosehill C  Wednesday
  DIVISION 3        DIVISION 4   
1 Woodmansterne A  Monday    1 Rosehill F  Tuesday 
2 Carshalton LTC B  WITHDRAWN   2 Rosehill E  Wednesday
3 Crusaders D  Tuesday    3 Woodmansterne B  Monday 
4 No Team      4 Woodmansterne C  Monday 
5 Carshalton LTC C  Monday    5 Rosehill G  Tuesday 
6 Carshalton LTC D  Wednesday    6 Crusaders E  Tuesday 
7 Rosehill D  Tuesday    7 Crusaders F  Tuesday 

 Note: Carshalton LTC B have withdrawn from division 3



Monday 11th September

Ballards B v Crusaders C
CLTC A v Crusaders B

Tuesday 12th September Rosehill F v Rosehill B
Rosehill G v Rosehill A
Wednesday 13th September Rosehill C v Crusaders D
Byes:  All remaining 11 teams have 1st round byes.
Matches to be played on dates scheduled unless otherwise mutually agreed
Round 1  
Monday 13th November  Woodmansterne C v Eldon A
Tuesday 14th November Rosehill B v Rosehill C
Crusaders D v Crusaders B
Wednesday 15th November CLTC D v Crusaders F
Rosehill E v Woodmansterne A
Crusaders A v Woodmansterne B
Byes:  All other 10 Teams have Byes in 1st round.
Matches to be played on dates scheduled unless otherwise mutually agreed.
The Cup Finals will be played between 7th May 2018 and 17th May 2018.