Divisional Structure 2016/17

1 Crusaders B Monday   1 Ballards A Monday
2 Eldon A Thursday   2 Crusaders D Wednesday
3 Rosehill B Wednesday   3 Rosehill C Tuesday
4 Crusaders C Monday   4 Carshalton LTC B Wednesday
5 Crusaders A Wednesday   5 Ballards B Monday
6 Rosehill A Tuesday   6 Carshalton LTC A Monday
7 Graham Spicer Monday   7 No Team  
DIVISION 3   DIVISION 4                            
1 Crusaders E Tuesday   1 Carshalton LT`C D Wednesday
2 Rosehill E Tuesday   2 Rosehill G Wednesday
3 Carshalton LTC C Monday   3 Woodmansterne C Monday
4 Woodmansterne A Monday   4 Crusaders F Tuesday
5 Eldon B Thursday   5 Crusaders G Tuesday
6 Rosehill D Wednesday   6 Rosehill F Wednesday
7 No Team     7 Woodmansterne B Monday

 Please Note: Division 1 amendments Crusaders A now no 5 match night Wednesday Crusaders C now no 4 Match night Monday.


Tuesday 13th September Rosehill E v Crusaders D
Wednesday 14th September Rosehill D v Woodmansterne B
Byes:  Ballards A, Ballards B, Crusaders A, Crusaders B, Crusaders C, Eldon A, Eldon B, Rosehill A, Rosehill B, Rosehill C, Rosehill F, Rosehill G, Woodmansterne A, Woodmansterne C
Matches to be played on dates scheduled unless otherwise mutually agreed
Round 1  
Monday 14th November  Ballards A v Crusaders D, Carshalton LTC A v Eldon B, Crusaders A v Rosehill C
Tuesday 15th November Rosehill A v Crusaders G, Rosehill E v Crusaders B
Wednesday 16th November Carshalton LTC B v Crusaders F, Crusaders C v Ballards B, Rosehill D v Carshalton LTC D
Thursday 17th November Eldon A v Rosehill G
Byes:  Carshalton LTC C, Crusaders E, Rosehill B, Rosehill F, Woodmansterne A, Woodmansterne B,  Woodmansterne C, Rosehill B, Rosehill D
Matches to be played on dates scheduled unless otherwise mutually agreed.
The Cup Finals will be played between 24th April 2017 and 14th May 2017.