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Would all divisional/cup secretaries please register for an account so that you will have the ability to update the results pages directly.

To register for an account you need to click the end icon on the right hand side which looks like a + sign in a green circle with a picture of a face next to it. This is located under the username and password dialogue box at the top right hand side of the webpage (if you hover the mouse over the buttons they will tell you what they are!). Once you click this button it will take you to another page asking for your name, e-mail address, a username and a password. Once completed click "Register". If successful you will see a red message confirming the registration.

I will provide instructions on how to update the website in due course.

If any other members of the committee would like the ability to create news articles please also feel free to register in the same was as described above.

Many Thanks
Phil Intallura
SDTTL Webmaster