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League Season Division 1 League winners Division 2 League winners Division 3 League winners Division 4 League winners Division 1 Highest Average Division 2 Highest Average Division 3 Highest Average Division 4 Highest AverageK/O Cup Willgress Trophy H/C Cup Barry King Cup Special Recognition K. Mantell 
2018/19 Eldon 'A' Crusaders 'B' Crusaders 'C' Crusaders 'E' R. Tanner A. Norman G. Noel J, Archer Rosehill 'A' Crusaders 'E' S. Sharp
2017/18 Crusaders ‘A’ Crusaders ‘C’ Woodmansterne'A' Crusaders ‘E’ R. Santo M. Loveder S. Parris A. MacDonell Crusaders ‘B’ Crusaders ‘C’ J. Hyde
Crusaders ‘A’ Ballards ‘A’ Eldon ‘B’ Crusaders ‘F’ M. Miller C. Ballard O. Maric-Murray J. Chung Crusaders ‘A’ Woodmansterne‘B'  J. Prince
2015/16  Crusaders ‘A’ Crusaders ‘E’ Crusaders ‘G’ Crusaders ‘I’ M. Miller Y. Senanayake M. Loveder D. Degay Crusaders ‘B’ Crusaders ‘H’ A. Clatworthy
2014/15  Crusaders ‘A’ Ballards ‘A’ Crusaders ‘F’ Crusaders ‘I’ M. Miller K. Azeez M. Gold S. Pang Crusaders ‘A’ Crusaders ‘F’ F. Ho
2013/14  Graham Spicers ‘A’ Rosehill ‘B’ Crusaders ‘F’ Crusaders ‘G’ S. Carpenter P. Rowley D. Goodair L. Musacchio Crusaders ‘A’ Crusaders ‘G’ R. Ellis
2012/13  Crusaders ‘B’ Crusaders ‘D’ Eldon ‘B’ CLTC ‘B’ M. Miller P. Rowley J. Dungate F. Bennett Crusaders ‘A’ Rosehill ‘A’ A. Lewell
2011/12  Crusaders ‘A’ Rosehill ‘A’ CLTC ‘B’ Woodmansterne‘A’ M. Ho S. Carpenter J. Deegan L. Farrier Crusaders A No competition T. Stephens
2010/11  Crusaders ‘A’ Crusaders 'D' Crusaders 'F' Crusaders ‘G’ M. Ho M. Loveder G. Harris M. Miller No competition No competition D. Petherbridge
2009/10  Crusaders‘A’ Woodmansterne‘A’ CLTC ‘A’ Crusaders ‘G’ M. Ho N. McAlpine J. Deegan L. Grant Crusaders G Crusaders 'G' J. Hyde
2008/09  Rosehill 'A' Crusaders 'C Crusaders 'E' Crusaders ‘F’ R. Tanner C. Booker R. Iskander H. Frost Chessington B Chessington 'B' M. Pantin
2007/08  Rosehill 'A' Rosehill C; Tadworth B Crusaders G R. Tanner N. McAlpine A. Webster I, Reza Crusaders A Crusaders 'A' A. Lewell
2006/07  Chessington ‘A’ Eldon Phab A Crusaders ‘F’ Rosehill ‘I’ R. Tanner J. Dungate M. Ho A. Webster Crusaders B Crusaders 'B' R. Baker
2005/06  Rosehill 'A' Crusaders 'C' Rosehill 'D' Woodmansterne‘B’ P. Barrow B. Larcombe T. Cody S. Shahanney Chessington ‘A’ Rosehill 'A' B. King
2004/05  Rosehill ‘A’ Chessington ‘B’ Woodmansterne‘A’ Crusaders ‘G’ P. Barrow S. Karaagac N. McAlpine D. Rose Chessington ‘A’ Woodmansterne‘A’ P. Intallura
2003/04  West Sutton ‘A’ Crusaders ‘C’ Chessington ‘B’ Crusaders ‘G’ R. Tanner S. Parris M. Harker D. Hill West Sutton ‘A’ Crusaders ‘E’ D. Wedge
2002/03  Chessington ‘A’ Crusaders ‘C’ Rosehill ‘C’ Crusaders ‘F’ R. Tanner H. Karaagac M. Nicholls B. Larcombe Collingwood ‘A’ CLTC ‘A’ B. Whattam
2001/02  Collingwood ‘A’ Rosehill ‘B’ Crusaders ‘D’ Eldon ‘D’ R. Tanner D. Langer A. Leow S. Karaagac Collingwood ‘A’ Collingwood ‘C’ W. French
2000/01  Collingwood ‘A’ Graham Spicer ‘A’ CLTC ‘A’ Roundshaw ‘A’ M. Gander P. Rowley M. Nash R. Neville Rosehill ‘A’ Collingwood ‘D’ M. Hurley
1999/00  Collingwood ‘A’ Crusaders ‘B’ West Sutton ‘E’ Crusaders ‘D’ R. Tanner S. Baker M. Harker D. Pinto Rosehill ‘A’ CLTC ‘B’ M. Rogers
1998/99  Rosehill ‘A’ Rosehill ‘F’ West Sutton ‘C’ CLTC ‘C’ M. Burman S. Baker G. Preen J. Falloon West Sutton ‘A’ West Sutton ‘C’ R. Chandler
1997/98  Rosehill ‘A’ West Sutton ‘B’ Crusaders ‘C’ Eldon Phab ‘C’ M. Burman C.  Posford M. Heard P. Self Rosehill ‘A’ CLTC ‘C’ Not Presented
1996/97  Rosehill ‘A’ Rosehill ‘C’ Rosehill ‘G’ Crusaders ‘E’ R. Tanner - - - Rosehill ‘A’ Crusaders ‘D’ R. Hill
1995/96  Thomas More Rosehill ‘F’ Sutton Adult No Div 4 M. Burman A. Clatworth M. Gander - Thomas More West Sutton ‘D’ Cheam Rejects
1994/95  Thomas More Roundshaw Ewell Cedars ‘C’ No Div 4 E. Emecz M. McGovern A. Clatworthy - Crusaders ‘A’ Rosehill ‘E’ CLTC ‘E’
1993/94  Thomas More Woodmansterne‘B’ West Sutton ‘B’ No Div 4 - J. Yap- M. Elgar - Thomas More Crusaders ‘C’ B. Kirtley
1992/93  Thomas More ‘A’ Rosehill ‘E’ Ewell Cedars ‘C’ No Div 4 E. Emecz R. McGrath J. Yap - Thomas More ‘A’ Woodmansterne‘A’ -
1991/92  Thomas More ‘A’ Rosehill ‘E’ Rosehill ‘H’ No Div 4 E. Emecz J. Short    A. Bostic - Thomas More ‘A’ Wallington Police -
1990/91  Thomas More CLTC ‘A’ West Sutton ‘B’ No Div 4 E. Emecz M. Taylor         - M. Bostic Thomas More CLTC ‘A’ -
1989/90  Thomas More Ewell Cedars ‘ B’ Rosehill ‘G’ No Div 4 E. Emecz - - S. Cloves Thomas More Rejects ‘B’ -
1988/89  Thomas More Rosehill ‘C’ Sutton Police No Div 4 E. Emecz S. Thorn          - N. Csillag Woodmansterne‘A’ Crusaders ‘C’ -
1987/88  Eldon Phab ‘A’ Woodmansterne‘B’ Eldon Phab ‘B’ No Div 4 - - - P. Carter Woodmansterne‘A’ Woodmansterne‘A’ -
1986/87  Eldon Phab ‘A’ Temple Bar A Roundshaw No Div 4 E. Emecz H. Bowley         - M. Lowe Eldon Phab ‘A’ Crusaders ‘D’ -
1985/86  Hartley Down Eldon Phab A Crusaders ‘D’ No Div 4 - L. Nicholls         - M. Lowe Crusaders ‘A’ Rosehill ‘D’ -
1984/85  Rosehill ‘A’ Ewell Cedars ‘A’ Ewell Cedars ‘B’ No Div 4 - C. Clark         - R. Tanner Crusaders ‘A’ Ewell Cedars ‘B’ -
1983/84  Woodmansterne‘A’ Rosehill ‘C’ Sutton Adult School ‘A’ West Sutton ‘C’ E. Emecz S. Wilson         - R. Tanner Hartley Down Ewell Cedars ‘A’ -
1982/83  Carshalton Boys ‘A’ Rosehill ‘B’ Woodmansterne‘B’ Crusaders ‘B’ E. Emecz P. Foster         - G. Bateman Carshalton Boys ‘A’ Rosehill ‘F’ -
1981/82  Carshalton Boys ‘A’ Wallington Crusaders Roundshaw ‘B’ CLTC ‘D’ E. Emecz A. Allars         - O. Sareen Carshalton Boys ‘A’ Ewell Cedars ‘A’ -
1980/81  Hartley Down Sutton Adult ‘B’ Telecoms Roundshaw ‘B’ E. Emecz A. Allars         - O. Sareen Woodmansterne‘A’ Downs Club -
1979/80  Woodmansterne‘A’ Ewell Cedars ‘A’ Carshalton Boys ‘C’ Telecoms E. Emecz J. Hammond         - M. Hammond Hartley Down Telecoms -
1978/79  Woodmansterne‘A’ Woodmansterne‘C’ Ewell Cedars ‘A’ Beddington Social E. Emecz R. Leggett         - S. Davis Woodmansterne‘A’ Carshalton Boys ‘C’ -
1977/78  Thomas More Cheam Fields ‘A’ Woodmansterne‘C’ London Life B E. Emecz P. Pearce         - L. Farrier Thomas More ‘A’ Woodmansterne -
1976/77  Thomas More Temple Bar ‘B’ Cheam Fields ‘A’ Endeavour Boys A E. Emecz F. Doyle         - P. Baker Thomas More ‘A’  Cheam Fields ‘B’ -
1975/76  Thomas More Carshalton Boys ‘B’ Temple Bar ‘B’ Cheam Fields E. Emecz M. Perkins         - P. Baker Thomas More ‘A’ Temple Bar ‘B’ -
1974/75  Thomas More ‘B’ Sutton ‘A’ Beddington Social London Life A E. Emecz L. Farnham         - S. Head Thomas More ‘A’ Temple Bar ‘C’ -
1973/74  Thomas More ‘A’ Banstead Hospital Woodmansterne‘B’ Beddington Social E. Emecz R. Mak         - O. Theng Thomas More ‘A’ Beddington Social -
1972/73  Thomas More ‘A’ Thomas More ‘B’ Banstead Methodist ‘B’ Banstead Police E. Emecz B. Tyrrell         - D. Harding Thomas More ‘A’  Air Products ‘B’ -
1971/72  Thomas More ‘A’ Sutton Post Office ‘A’ Air Products ‘A’ WoodmansterneC E. Emecz M. Crimmins         - D. Harding Thomas More ‘A’  Temple Bar ‘B’ -
1970/71  Thomas More Worcester Park ‘C’ Telecoms South Sutton Post Office B E. Emecz M. Crimmins         - M. Fisher Thomas More ‘A’  Thomas More ‘B’ -
1969/70  Thomas More Woodmansterne Sutton Post Office - E. Emecz D. Crowley         - P. Brennan Woodmansterne   Woodmansterne -
1968/69  Thomas More Surrey Pine ‘A’ - - E. Emecz - - - Thomas More   Surrey Pine -
1967/68  Holy Family ‘A’ Worcester Park ‘B’ - - E. Emecz - - - Holy Family ‘A’   Surrey Pine -
1966/67  Holy Family ‘A’ Carshalton Wanderers - - E. Emecz - - - Holy Family ‘A’    Rosehill ‘C’ -
1965/66  Woodmansterne‘A’ Sutton T.T. Club - - E. Emecz - - - Rosehill ‘A’    Temple Bar ‘B’  -
1964/65  Woodmansterne‘A’ Rosehill ‘D’ - - - - - - Rosehill ‘A’ - -
1963/64  Cheam 'A' Rosehill B - - - - - - Rosehill A St.Georges Methodist -
1962/63  Cheam A P.O.Engineers A - - - - - - Cheam ‘A’    Temple Bar ‘A  -
1961/62  Cheam ‘A’ Sutton Police ‘A’ - - - - - - Cheam ‘A’    Cheam ‘A’  -
1960/61  Cheam ‘A’ Woodmansterne‘B’ - - - - - - Cheam ‘A’    Tweeddale ‘A’   -
1959/60  Nithsdale ‘A’ Rosehill ‘B’ - - - - - - Nithsdale ‘A’    Sutton ‘A’  -
1958/59  Cheam ‘A’ Rosehill ‘C’ - - - - - - Cheam ‘A’ Rosehill ‘C’  -
1957/58  Woodmansterne‘A’ Rosehill ‘B’ - - - - - - Cheam ‘A’    Rosehill ‘A’  -
1956/57  Cheam ‘A’ Cheam Social ‘B’ - - - - - - Cheam Sutton ‘C’  -
1955/56  Cheam ‘A’ FSSN ‘A’ - - - - - - Cheam Bluegates   -
1954/55  Wimbledon YMCA Sutton Post Office - - - - - - Cheam Social Cheam Social ‘D’   -
1953/54  Willows Temple Bar - - - - - - Willows - -
1952/53  Cheam Social Westmead ‘B’ - - - - - - Cheam - -
1951/52  Willows Cheam Social ‘A’ - - - - - - S.E.E. Board - -
1950/51  Harrowdene Sutton Hard Court - - - - - - Harrowdene - -
1949/50  Cheam British Legion Sutton T.T. Club - - - - - - - - -