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I have pleasure in enclosing the Entry form - including separate GDPR form - and information summary for the Centenary English Leagues Cup Competitions 2021/22. These competitions include Table Tennis England's oldest domestic national competition – the Wilmott Cup - which started in 1935.  As such, it is very appropriate that ELCC have been chosen by Table Tennis England to be the Centenary Competitions which makes this year very special.

To mark the Centenary, Table Tennis England will be making these free to enter competitions.

Please see below and in the summary about expenses borne by entrants.

If necessary, limits may need to be placed on the number of entries per league in any of the four competitions but we will seek to avoid this.

All queries and entries to Mike Smith -ELCC Administrator – on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The closing date for all competitions is Monday 24th January 2022 with the draw and information distribution about Zonal matches taking place as soon as possible after that.

The Wilmott Cup and JM Rose Bowl Zonal Round matches are to be played on Saturday 7th   May 2022; the Carter Cup and Bromfield Trophy Zonal Round matches are to take place on

Sunday 15h May 2022.

Depending on the numbers of entries in any competition, there may need to be Zonal preliminary matches before the Zonal Rounds.

Venue offers to host Zonal Rounds including preliminary matches will be much appreciated, without such offers, we will all have problems! Please help if you can.

A reminder that expenses for any Zonal matches are pooled (venue costs, travel for one car for each away team at Table Tennis England rate, administrative costs) and settlement must be made on the day. To avoid difficulties, we would remind all that it is a requirement of the competition to ensure that all teams have sufficient means to meet their share of the costs on the day.

Finals will be held on Saturday July 9 2022- Wilmott Cup/ J.M.Rose Bowl and Sunday July 10 2022 - Carter Cup/ Bromfield Trophy - both at Draycott and Long Eaton TTC.  We look forward to working with them and thank Westfield TTC for their support over many years.

Further details are on the Information Summary Sheet; Regulation F -ELCC - can be accessed together with information on ELCC on the Table Tennis England website.  Please note that for this year only, one -off variations from the normal Regulations may apply; any will be publicised.

We hope you will be able to support the competition in this special year and take part in the only National Inter - League tournament.

The Organising Team will be Jim Kenny – Referee, Richard Hudson – Deputy Referee and   Tournament Organiser, Mike  Smith  - Administrator , Brenda  Hudson – Assistant Administrator, Mark Pinder- TTE.

Download - ELCC Letter to local Leagues

Download - ELCC Entry form

Download - ELCC Info Summary

Download - ELCC GDPR form