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 To all member clubs in the Sutton and District Table Tennis League: URGENT

The League Committee had obviously been hoping that after Christmas we would return to some sort of normality but we have now unanimously agreed that it is not realistic to consider any league play for the 2020/21 season. The reasons are 1) that we are currently in lockdown; 2) that there is no end in sight to this and quite possibly some restrictions will apply till Easter or longer and 3)  nearly 50% of our clubs had still not been able to access their facilities even before lockdown came in.

We would normally just be beginning the second half of the season but even if some relaxation of restrictions were to come in by Easter, it would take too long to organise teams/ captains etc for any meaningful competitive play to take place because of individuals understandable reluctance to commit in this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

This is obviously disappointing news but may well not come as a surprise. We will obviously keep the situation under review and look to the future but please regard this decision as final as far as the current season is concerned.

Alan Clatworthy (Secretary on behalf of SDTTL Committee)


Quarter Final

Monday 9th March Ballards Croydon A v Rosehill F
Tuesday 10th March Crusaders E v Woods A
Tuesday 10th March
Rosehill E v Eldon C
Thursday 12th March Eldon A v Crusaders C
 Link below to all players ratings. THIS WILL BE UPDATED PRIOR TO MATCHES
 Download - Handicap cup ratings     Updated 25/02/2020

 Download - Full Handicap Calculator Matrix.  Used to work out actual difference in points.


Rules for Cup Competitions
20.  The Cup Competitions are open to Clubs and players registered with the League. The players must have played in one league match prior to playing in the Handicap Cup Competition.

21.  A player may not play for a lower Club Cup team than the one for which they are first registered in the League. This rule does not apply to the Handicap Cup.

22.   When a player, plays one match in the Cup Competition, the player becomes “Cup-Tied” to the team that they played for. They may not play for any other Club team in that Cup Competition. Note:  The Knock Out Cup and Handicap Cup are considered separate cup competitions, you are not automatically cup tied in both competitions.   It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to check that the player is not “Cup-Tied”. If a “Cup- Tied” player plays for a different team, their games are void and their points will be awarded to the opposing team.

23.  Teams shall consist of three players.

24.  Matches shall consist of nine sets. Each set shall be the best of a) five games up to 11 points for the Knockout Cup or b) three games up to 21 points for the Handicap Cup. All matches must be played to a finish, unless otherwise agreed between the Team Captains. If a game goes to deuce players serve alternately until one player has two clear points. In the Handicap Competition, if the match goes to the third game, the players change ends when either player first reaches half the number of points he/she is required to score. In the case of an odd number it will be the number after the halfway point.

25.   Cup draws for each round shall be made by the Committee. The first name out shall be the home side. 26.   Handicap Cup - Ratings: Every player will be given a rating based upon the ratings system currently approved by the committee, which, may be adjusted during the season. The up to date ratings will be made available to clubs before each round.

27.   All matches must be played in the weeks specified. Matches cannot be postponed because of  non-availability of players. If a club believes it needs to postpone a match for a reason except non-availability of players it must notify the opposition and the appropriate Cup Secretary, who will give a ruling on whether the match can be postponed.

28.  Semi Finals and Finals matches: All players playing in the semi-finals and finals must have played in at least one third of available League and Cup matches for the team(s) for which they are playing in the Sutton and District Table Tennis League, and at least one Cup match prior to the semi-final. Note:   You must play in one Knock Out Cup game to be eligible for the Knock Out Cup and one Handicap Cup game to be eligible for the Handicap Cup, as well as playing in at least one third of available League and Cup matches. For example, if there are 14 League and Cup matches available a person must have played in at least 4. The requirement is rounded down.  

It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to check that all of their players meet this requirement.  

A team not able to field a team of three may turn up with one or two players and those games will be allowed to count.