Knock-Out Cup Quarter Finals


Matches to be played :


Week Commencing 3rd February 2020



 First team Name is HOME Team.

 Monday 3rd February 2020

Ballards Croydon A v Rosehill C


Tuesday 4th February 2020


Rosehill B v Eldon B


 Thursday 6th February 2020


Eldon A  v Crusaders B



 Thursday 20th February 2020

 Re-schudled as per Ian Kelly email 7th February 2020

 Crusaders A v Crusaders C




  1. A player may not play for a lower Club Cup team than the one for which they are first registered in the League. This rule does not apply to the Handicap Cup.
  2. When a player, plays one match in the Cup Competition, the player becomes “Cup-Tied” to the team that they played for. They may not play for any other Club team in that Cup Competition.

Note:  The Knock Out Cup and Handicap Cup are considered separate cup competitions, you are not automatically cup tied in both competitions.   It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to check that the player is not “Cup-Tied”. If a “Cup- Tied” player plays for a different team, their games are void and their points will be awarded to the opposing team.

  1. Cup draws for each round shall be made by the Committee. The first name out shall be the home side.
  2. All matches must be played in the weeks specified. Matches cannot be postponed because of  non-availability of players. If a club believes it needs to postpone a match for a reason except non-availability of players it must notify the opposition and the appropriate Cup Secretary, who will give a ruling on whether the match can be postponed.
  3. Semi Finals and Finals matches: All players playing in the semi-finals and finals must have played in at least one third of available League and Cup matches for the team(s) for which they are playing in the Sutton and District Table Tennis League.

Note:   For example, if there are 14 League and Cup matches available a person must have played in at least 4. The requirement is rounded down. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to check that all of their players meet this requirement. A team not able to field a team of three may turn up with one or two players and those games will be allowed to count. The Finals must be played during the period specified in the Handbook, at a venue mutually agreed by the Committee and both teams. The Home team will be decided by a toss of a coin on the night. The venue will be used mainly for the Knock Out Cup Final or Handicap Cup Final. No other matches or practice sessions will take place in the close proximity whilst the Final is being played.