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On behalf of the Surrey Table Tennis Association I’m going to tell you some bits and pieces about one of our rising stars – A regular Sutton League player.

The season started with the Burton Uxbridge 2 star tournament at which both the cadet and junior events were won. Also early in the season was the London Academy 2 star in Edgware where the cadets were won and the same player was runner up in the juniors. In 2014 there was the Horsham Spinners 2 star where our player won both cadets and juniors events.

In January Surrey was competing in the county championships in the Cadet Premier Division. Here there are 7 leading counties battling it out, of which 3 get relegated. Playing at No 1 for Surrey, a record of 11/14 was achieved (78.6%) and Surrey finished as runners up, a whisker behind a very strong Yorkshire team who beat us 6-4 to inflict our sole defeat.

In November and March we faced the challenge of the Junior Premier Division which is seriously strong and we did well to avoid relegation thanks to a valuable contribution from the whole team. Also In January was the Cadet Masters – a gruelling event between the top 12 in England. Our star player commenced proceedings in the 11th slot and finished the weekend in 5th place.

A Junior British League Team in Division 2 saw our player finish with 80% wins and the team in 3rd place, just one point behind the leaders and 6 sets ahead of them!

More recently our young star competed in the London Grand Prix senior tournament, won the Band 4 event and was runner up of the Band 3. She was also awarded player of the tournament which was accompanied by a framed certificate and £50 Bribar voucher.

In the under 14’s Nationals our player reached the semi-finals and was beaten in 4 games by the eventual winner.

The Derby 4 star Band 1 event was added to the growing list of titles; and finally the Blackpool 4 star saw three finals reached – Band 1, cadet singles and junior singles.

Her team has just qualified for the London Youth Games finals in July ...

So in all it’s been a pretty successful season for a young lady who was only 14 in January. The trophy was previously won by Joanna Drinkhall before she became England No 1, and so I’m very pleased to announce that Surrey’s Outstanding Junior of the Year Award goes to Isabelle Joubeily.

Michael Loveder, 18th June 2014.

In every case the first number represents the HOME team. Matches are played on the Home Nights as stated under the divisional list of clubs  
15-Sep-14 Knockout Cup Round 1  
22-Sep-14 1v2 6v4 7v3 8v5  
29-Sep-14 2v8 3v1 4v7 5v6  
06-Oct-14 1v4 2v3 7v5 8v6  
13-Oct-14 3v8 4v2 5v1 6v7  
20-Oct-14 Knockout Cup Round 2  
27-Oct-14 1v6 2v5 3v4 8v7  
03-Nov-14 4v8 5v3 6v2 7v1  
10-Nov-14 1v8 2v7 3v6 4v5  
17-Nov-14 Handicap Cup Round 1  
24-Nov-14 2v1 3v7 4v6 5v8  
01-Dec-14 1v3 6v5 7v4 8v2  
08-Dec-14 4v1 3v2 5v7 6v8  
15-Dec-14 Handicap Cup Round 2  
22-Dec-14 Christmas Break  
05-Jan-15 1v5 2v4 7v6 8v3  
12-Jan-15 4v3 5v2 6v1 7v8  
19-Jan-15 1v7 2v6 3v5 8v4  
26-Jan-15 5v4 6v3 7v2 8v1  
02-Feb-15 Knockout Cup Quarter Finals  
09-Feb-15 1v2 6v4 7v3 8v5  
16-Feb-15 2v8 3v1 4v7 5v6  
23-Feb-15 1v4 2v3 7v5 8v6  
01-Mar-15 Closed Championships Graham Spicer  
02-Mar-14 Handicap Cup Quarter Finals  
06-Mar-15 Junior Championships Rosehill  
09-Mar-14 3v8 4v2 5v1 6v7  
16-Mar-14 1v6 2v5 3v4 8v7  
23-Mar-14 4v8 5v3 6v2 7v1  
30-Mar-14 Easter Break & Cup Semi Finals  
13-Apr-14 1v8 2v7 3v6 4v5  
  Matches commence at 7.30. Where junior players are involved this is especially important and, for those matches, if an earlier start is possible that is appreciated.  
  The Annual General Meeting and Presentation of Awards for 2014/15 will be held at Crusaders Hall on Wednesday 17th June 2015 at 7.30.  

Handicap Cup Finals

Congratulations to Rosehill `A` winners of the 2012/13 SDTTL Handicap Cup & also well done to Crusaders G runners up.

Handicap Cup Final Photo Rosehill A & Crusaders G


Handicap Cup Results

Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Finals Semi Finals  Finals
W/C 19 Nov 12 W/C 07 Jan 13 W/C 25 Feb 13 W/C 25 Mar 13  01 May 2013
Ballards A 2
v Crusaders B  6
Rosehill G 7 v
Crusaders H  3
Crusaders A 1
v Crusaders F  4
Ballards B 8 v
Woodmansterne B  5
Crusaders G 9 Woodmansterne B  5
v Deckers  5  v
Rosehill D 0 v Ballards B  4
Rosehill C  3 Rosehill A 5
Deckers A 5 Crusaders G  6  v
v Rosehill B  5  v Woodmansterne B 2
CLTC B 4 v Rosehill G  3  Rosehill A
Rosehill E  4  v
CLTC C 6 Rosehill A  5  Crusaders G
CLTC C  1  v Crusaders G  9
Eldon B  3 v Deckers  1  v
Crusaders G  8 Rosehill B  0
Crusaders C  Rosehill B  7
Crusaders D  0


Crusaders H  9 v Crusaders B  2
Ballards B  9
Rosehill A 
Rosehill A  9
Eldon A  v
Crusaders E  0
Rosehill F 4
Woodmansterne A  1
Woodmansterne A  5 v
Rosehill G  8
Rosehill E 5

byes : None.
Notes: None

The final of the Handicap-cup to be held at Rosehill on Wednesday 01st May 2013

Congratulations to Rosehill `A` winners of the 2012/13 SDTTL Handicap Cup & also well done to Crusaders G runners up.

 Handicap Cup Final Photo Rosehill A & Crusaders G

Round 1   Round 2   Quarter Finals   Semi Finals    Finals  
Woodmansterne A 7  CLTC A  9  CLTC A  3        
v  v  v          
Rosehill H 2  Eldon B (conceded)  0

 Woodmansterne B

 6 Woodmansterne B  3  
Crusaders A 4  Woodmansterne B  6  Rosehill A  0  Rosehill E  6  Rosehill E  1
v  v  v        v  
CLTC D 5  Woodmansterne A  3  Rosehill E  5 Crusaders G 1 Crusaders F  8
Ballards A 3  Crusaders F  6  Crusaders G  9 Crusaders F 8    
 v  v          
Crusaders D 5  Rosehill B  1  Crusaders D   (conceded) 0        
Rosehill F  team withdrawn from league 0  Crusaders G  7  Crusaders F  5        
v  v  v          
Crusaders F  through to next round 0  Rosehill D  2  Crusaders H 4        
Rosehill D 8  Rosehill A  5          
v  v          
Eldon A 1  Crusaders C  1          
Crusaders H 7  Crusaders D  5          
v  v          
Ballards B 2  Crusaders I  4          
Crusaders I 9  CLTC D  4          
v  v          
Crusaders B 0  Crusaders H  5          
Rosehill E 5  Eldon C  4          
v  v          
Crusaders E 2  Rosehill E  5          
CLTC B 2          
Woodmansterne B 7          
Rosehill B 8          
Rosehill C 1          
Rosehill G 4          
Rosehill A 5          
Crusaders C 5          
Woodmansterne C 4          
Eldon B 5          
CLTC C 4          
Woodmansterne D 1          
Crusaders G 8          

First Round Byes CLTC A, Eldon C

Matches to be played on dates scheduled unless otherwise mutually agreed.

In the 2011 Surrey Interleague "Percy Johnson" Competition the Sutton & District TT League was represented by Wallington Crusaders' Michael Ho and Lewis Bray.

Eight 2-man teams were entered, the other 7 comprising two teams from Guildford, three from Wandsworth, one from Redhill & Reigate and one from Thames Valley.

Sutton got off to a cracking start with a stunning 5-0 victory over Guildford 'A' who had fielded Chris Bush and Andreas Pusch. However the convincing looking result concealed a marathon between Michael Ho and Chris Bush. Chris was two games and 6-0 up in the 3rd before Michael staged an amazing comeback to win in 5.

This match was followed by a demolition of Redhill & Reigate for a healthy lead in their group of four. Michael & Lewis' last group match was against Wandsworth 'B' who fielded Musa Farquharson and Antoney Patten, but another great victory followed - although it has to be said the doubles could not have been closer!

This set up a final match between the two group winners - Sutton and Wandsworth A. Wandsworth's Chris Lewis and Aaron Smith had destroyed all before them. On a very hot and humid Sunday afternoon Wandsworth A were victorious leaving our Sutton boys in a very respectable 2nd place. Their efforts earned the league a £60 credit against the Surrey affiliation fees for the forthcoming season.

Final placings:

1. Wandsworth A  2. Sutton  3. Wandsworth B  4. Wandsworth C
5. Guildford A  6. Guildford B  7. Redhill & Reigate  8. Thames Valley

Well played lads!

Knock-out Cup Round 1

Monday 12th September 2011 Crusaders A v Crusaders F
Tuesday 13th September 2011 Rosehill E v Rosehill B
Tuesday 13th September 2011 Deckers v Crusaders B
Wednesday 14th September 2011 Rosehill D v Graham Spicer B

Byes : Ballards A, Ballards B, Crusaders C, Crusaders D, Crusaders E, Eldon A, Eldon B, Rosehill A,
Rosehill C, Rosehill F, Woodmansterne A, Woodmansterne B

Matches to be played on dates stated unless otherwise mutually agreed.

Knock-out Cup Round 2

Crusaders D v Crusaders C

Crusaders A v Ballards B

Eldon A v Graham Spicers B

Crusaders B v Woodmansterne A

Ballards A v Crusaders E

Rosehill F v Rosehill A

Rosehill B v Eldon B

Rosehill C v Woodmansterne B

Games to be played W.C 21st November 2011

Good luck to all players

Knock-out Cup Round 3

Rosehill A v Eldon A

Ballards A v Crusaders A or Ballards B

Rosehill C v Rosehill B or Eldon B

Crusaders D or Crusaders C v Crusaders B

Matches to be played as per handbook



Knock-out Cup Results

Round 1   Round 2   Round 3   Semi Finals    Finals  
W/C 12 Sept 11   W/C 21 Nov 11
   W/C 19 Dec 11    W/C 20 Feb 12      
Deckers  0 Crusaders C  0 Rosehill A  0        
v    v    v          
Crusaders B  0  Crusaders D  0  Eldon A 9         
Crusaders A  0  Crusaders A  0 Rosehill B  7        
v    v    v          
Crusaders F  0  Ballards B  0  Eldon B 2        
Rosehill E  0  Eldon A  7  Crusaders A 5        
v    v    v          
Rosehill B  0  Graham Spicers B  2  Ballards A 1        
Rosehill D  0  Crusaders B  9 Crusaders D  5         
v    v    v          
Graham Spicer B  0  Woodmansterne A  0 Crusaders B  2         
     Ballards A  9            

 Crusaders E

     Rosehill F  1            
     Rosehill A  8            
     Rosehill B  0            
    Eldon B  0            
     Rosehill C  9            
     Woodmansterne B  0            


Knock-out Cup Results

Round 1        Round 2   Quarter Finals   Semi Finals    Finals  
W/C 17 Sept 12     W/C 29 Oct 12
   W/C 04 Feb 13    W/C 25 Mar 13    21 Apr 2013  
  Wilton   6

Ballards A

 9   v 


  Deckers   0

Crusaders E


  Rosehill C    3
Crusaders B  9    Ballards A


  Rosehill A   6  v
Crusaders D  0      Rosehill A

  Ballards B    3  Eldon A

Rosehill C

 6    Rosehill B
 0  v


  Crusaders A   6  v  Crusaders B

Eldon B

 3      Crusaders A
 9  Crusaders A

  Crusaders C    9  v

Rosehill E

 3   v    Eldon A
5  Crusaders B


  Woodmansterne A   0   v  Rosehill A
Crusaders C  6      Crusaders C
2  v

  Crusaders F     3  Crusaders A

Woodmansterne A

 8    Wilton

    Rosehill B   6

Woodmansterne B 

 1      Crusaders B

    Rosehill G    3



    Ballards A   6

Rosehill F 


  Rosehill D   0


  Eldon A  6

Byes : None

Congratulations Crusaders A winners of the 2012/13 Knckout-cup beating Crusaders B 5 games to 4 well done to Crusaders B.

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Many Thanks
Phil Intallura
SDTTL Webmaster